Lockdown Diary 2 – Day 15

It’s been a week since I restarted this diary so I figure it is time to write another entry. Not that I have much to report apart from near-terminal boredom.

I’ve found a new way to pass the time by watching live webcams on YouTube from around the world, flicking between them randomly. It’s like setting off on a journey without a map or destination.

As I write I am also keeping an eye on a webcam at a bison watering hole in Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan. I have yet to see bison but yesterday a lone coyote decided to have a nap right in front of the camera.

But mostly I click through urban ones, some in places I have lived, some in places I have visited, some in places I would love to see, and some I know I will never set foot in.

Yet even this virtual form of escapism offers no escape from the Covid-19 pandemic. I see so many places where streets that would normally be bustling with people are all but empty: outside the Central Station in Amsterdam, the Las Vegas Strip and even Times Square. It can get quite depressing so I quickly return to places with beautiful scenery, like a view of the Tetons, or along the Mississippi River.

It’s also a good way to take your mind off the idiot who lives here.