Lockdown Diary – Day 76

Missed another day so playing catch-up a day late. It was a frustrating day and I felt too exhausted by the end of it to write anything. I managed to get a good run in around midday, my times are getting back down where they should be so I guess the new shoes just needed breaking in.

Then I spent a mind-numbing afternoon trying to file my US taxes. We have two printers in the house and both were out of ink, despite the fact that we never use them. Don’t get me started on the great printer ink scam! So rather than fork out £36 I decided to file my taxes online for the first time.

I used the tool the IRS provides to help you decide which of the several e-filing options to use and started with one but soon gave up when it did not have a way to enter a foreign address, despite my putting this requirement in to the IRS tool. So I tried another and it seemed to work, so I slowly went through all the various stages and eventually filed it. About 10 minutes later I got an email saying it had been rejected by the IRS and saying I could log back on to correct the problem. But when I did log back on there was no sign of my just-completed forms so I ended up having to start all over again!

Got to the end, filed it and once more got a message saying the IRS had rejected it again. This time I was able to log on and see the reason it was rejected. Apparently the IRS says a tax form with my SSN had already been filed. By who? Not me! I think the problem might be from my having used the non-filers tool to check on my stimulus payment. I am hoping it is not some kind of identity theft scam and someone else has got my payment. I will wait a few days to see if a cheque arrives or money lands in my US account. If not I will have to call the IRS and find out what the hell is going on.

In the meantime, I have ordered new printer ink so I can file my taxes the old-fashioned way. Grrrrrr!