Lockdown Diary – Day 71

A while back I had a thought about my mental state during this lockdown but never wrote it down, so now seems a good time. I was thinking about the times we have driven to Italy and back. There is a stretch along the E80 autostrada either side of Genoa where there are lots of tunnels, some long, some short. These past two and a half months have been like driving that road. There are bright, sunny stretches where you feel good and even get glimpses of the sea, and then there are dark tunnels where you feel down, depressed, anxious, unsettled. Fortunately most of these mental tunnels are short, but some can take days to get through.

I have been traveling through one of the longer tunnels the past few days. The lockdown, not having worked for over two months now, missing friends and family and all the trouble back home have combined to make it hard to see a way forward. But tunnels don’t go on forever and so this afternoon I suddenly exited back into the bright sunshine. Now I am hoping that the next tunnel will be many miles down the road, and only 50 metres in length.

On more mundane matters, rain was forecast all day but we hardly got a drop. I had intended to run but my weather apps kept saying it was about to start raining so I waited and waited and it finally got too late (that’s my excuse, anyway). Also, I attempted to take three bags of garden waste to the dump but the queue was so long I turned right back around and came home. Just could not believe it was still so busy on a Wednesday morning. At least I can say I tried to accomplish something today.

Still no sign of my stimulus payment, but I did get an email from the US Embassy alerting me to the fact that demonstrations were taking place across the UK and helpfully listing where and what time they were starting. No mention about what they were to be demonstrating against. Just urging us good Americans to avoid these areas. I can’t even …