Lockdown Diary – Day 70

So after 68 consecutive entries, I took the day off yesterday. So there will be no 69. I just needed a break and had nothing to say that hasn’t been said before. And the events back home have left me angry and emotionally drained. I felt like shit all day yesterday and was extremely irritable, which made me a pain to be around.

Today hasn’t been a whole lot better. I didn’t sleep well again last night and felt pretty rotten all day. So just slumped around the house or out in the garden. I finally got my act together enough to go into town to Boots, as my hay fever medication had run out and the big philadelphus was finally starting to bloom, and it is my hay fever’s nemesis. But I am almost ashamed to say I drove rather than walk 10 minutes.

On the bright side, Charlie did the cooking and made us an amazingly good prawn curry. Alice and I sat outside in the garden in the evening, where the golden sunlight was working its magic on the smaller philadelphus.

I hope I can get a good sleep tonight but it looks like it is shaping up to be another bad night in America. Even bigger crowds outside the White House and troops massing at Andrews AFB, reportedly equipped with bayonets. Tonight might be the start of the second civil war. I hope I am wrong.