The Queen’s party

We’ve been unable to update this weblog for a few days due to technical problems here and at our host, So better late than never for these pictures from the street party here in Deerings Road on Monday 3 June in honour of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.jubilee.jpg
Charlie had a great time, running up and down the street, riding lots of other kids’ bikes, popping into any house that had an open front door, and, best of all, eating lots of sandwiches, cakes and ice cream at the tea party for the local children shown above. The grown-ups’ party ended after midnight, Charlie having sensibly gone to bed hours earlier.

Backpacking near Bletchingley

We took advantage of the first sunny Saturday of the year to take a walk near Bletchingley. It’s a walk we used to enjoy often when we lived there. Charlie had it easy, compared with Dad. Blue skies, sunshine and a muddy track across the fields. What more could you want? We walked along the Greensand Way near Bletchingley. And yes, we did lug Charlie up that hill on our back!