Glorious Days in Devon

beerwalkThere seems to be a pattern emerging on this blog – I only post after we have been on holiday. Must try harder! But in the meantime, here are a few from our recent week in Devon. We were near Branscombe, shown above from on high, and walked from there to Beer, which thanks to the incredibly warm weather made some of us very thirsty indeed. More photos of Devon on flickr

Face to face in Bruge

brugeface1.jpgwindmill2.jpgCharlie has a close look at an iron railing during our visit to Bruge last weekend, where we also checked out the windmills at the edge of the old town. It was our sixth (we think) visit to this magical place and Charlie’s second, and we’ll definitely be back again soon, particularly as we found a fantastic restaurant called Calis, which also has rooms.