A pair of sea dogs

Charlie and I spent the afternoon on The Solent, crashing through the waves at high speed in a rib boat. It was like a 90-minute roller coaster ride through a car wash. Here we are, soaked to the bone, during a quieter moment. I couldn’t take photos when we were at full speed because I don’t have windshield wipers on my glasses.


BA? No way!

Well, British Airways may offer the only non-stop flight from London to Phoenix, but we’ll be damned if we ever fly with the money grubbing bastards again! They’re going to charge £240 ($480) per bag if you want to check in more than one bag per person. That’s on top of the £70 so-called “fuel surcharge” they whack on to every long-haul airfare. Add to that the most thoroughly unpleasant cabin crews in the industry and you’ve got a real recipe for success. Virgin Atlantic via Vegas is looking pretty good to us.