Attacked by a Snow Leopard

So against my better judgement, I decided to upgrade the newer Mac mini (which I’d only just got this blog moved to after months of technical grief) to Snow Leopard. Of course it broke the blog (MySQL to be precise). I just can’t be bothered trying to fix it right now so I’ve moved the blog back to the old Mac mini, which, eventually, managed to fix itself, sort of. Confused? I know I am!

Technical difficulties

frustrated_man We are experiencing technical difficulties here at but we’re working to fix things. Seems to be some kind of MySQL or PHP issue. All the posts now have the year 0000, even this one I just posted.

The whole blog broke, most likely after a recent Mac software update. Managed to get it back by upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, but then funny things started to happen. First a bunch of posts were missing, then they slowly started to reappear as if by magic.

Likewise the On links on the right-hand side of the pages disappeared. Then they too reappeared. At first I couldn’t get new posts to show up on the site, now suddenly I can.

Maybe if I wait long enough the year 0000 problem will self-correct as well.

Hope so. Otherwise this may take some time…

Oh, and now the webmail isn’t working either. Sigh.