Don’t stop believin’!

They don’t call Jim Thome Mr Incredible for nothing! What a game! What a trio of games! I feel emotionally drained already and the playoffs are only starting. I love the photo below of Alexi Ramirez taken the moment he realises he has just hit a grand slam in the game against the Tigers. It will go down as a baseball classic, and might even win a Pulitzer Prize. This team believes now. They have momentum. Anything can happen.

It’s Opening Day… in England!

baseball_card1.jpgopening_day1a.jpgCharlie poses for his “baseball card” photo in his new uniform. Yesterday was Opening Day for the Horsham Junior Baseball Club and Charlie’s team, the Athletics, played the Red Sox. Charlie went three for four with two runs scored and in general had a great time even though the A’s lost 29-24 (with a controversial umpiring decision quite possibly costing them the game!). At left, Charlie heads for first after smacking a base hit, then, below, waves to the crowd (and Mum) from third base. The fat guy somewhere in the background is his coach/Dad. Our Charlie playing organized baseball … in England! To quote Casey Stengel, “Who’d have thunk it?”