Lockdown Diary – Day 79

Wasn’t going to bother writing an entry today but what the hell. Here goes. After two months of perfect weather June is turning out to be the anti-summer. Those clear blue skies of April and May have been replaced by gloomy grey skies, rain and lots and lots of wind. Yesterday was a complete washout. Stayed inside all day apart from a quick trip to M&S (in the car) and only logged 2,000 steps all day. That’s the least I have moved since my epic 621 steps on 1 May, a record that may well last for years to come.

I did manage to accomplish a few things today. Got a run in before the rains arrived, well almost before, as I did get rained on walking back home from the park. Another decent time, though.

Then I spent more time on the phone (on hold, mostly) to the IRS trying to find out about my stimulus payment and then on another call to the Social Security Administration to find out if they had my correct address etc. They do, and I will just have to hope my payment shows up at some point. Also found out that my application to start collecting Social Security was on their system marked pending, so I should start getting that by this time next month, they said. So progress on several fronts.

Charlie and I have decided to go up to Birmingham on Sunday and get the rest of his stuff and officially move out of the house from hell rather than wait until the end of the month. He got very stressed out yesterday just trying to get things sorted with his housemates and that witch of a landlady. The sooner we get him out of this situation the better. It will be interesting to see what shape the place is in as nobody has been living there for nearly three months.

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