Lockdown Diary – Day 75

There are times when it feels like things are getting back to normal. A favourite place to eat opens for takeaway orders, neighbour children having birthday parties, little things like that. But then you realise despite some loosening we are still locked down and will be for who knows how much longer?

I long ago grew tired of all the emails from every business I ever had to give my address to, all offering their wise words about the situation and vowing they will return, maybe providing recipes you won’t ever try. Now as things begin to ease they are getting even more annoying. I got one today from Cineworld telling me that a gift card is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Perhaps they are right, but this is one father who won’t be going to the movies if and when the cinemas reopen. There have been numerous times these past few months when I really wished I could go to the movies with Charlie and sit there in the dark for a few hours with a large popcorn and a gallon of Pepsi Max. But the reality is I can’t see that happening for a long, long time.

So I think what I am trying to say is I might be entering another tunnel. I get really frustrated by things I can’t change. I get upset that Charlie spends most of his time playing games online with his friends from uni and doesn’t spend near enough time doing things I consider to be more important, like working on his music. If he spent the time on his music that he does playing games he’d have three albums recorded by now. But he has to want it, and I worry that he doesn’t. I vented about it to Alice, who reminded me that he is locked down too and has finished all his university coursework and is doing things he likes doing. She is right as usual. And it’s not like I am overachieving during the lockdown.

Enough moaning. We went to a walk in Bletchingley, one we used to do when we lived there more than 20 years ago. It was really nice. This is an old red phone box along the way. It no longer has a phone but it is nice that they haven’t ripped it out.

Have tried to avoid the news for the most part today, but I do know that the #BlackLivesMatter protests are continuing and in London a huge crowd protested outside the US Embassy. I only hope this doesn’t lead to more people getting Covid-19.

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