Lockdown Diary – Day 74

OK, so I have missed a couple of days, but that’s likely to be a more regular occurrence going forward. I have unshackled myself from the need to post something every day just to say I did it. Now I will only write something when I have something worth saying, with no guarantee that it will be of any interest to anyone but myself, or something important happens that I want to note down here.

So here we go again. It is a gloomy, chilly Saturday. Suddenly that two-month spell of perfect weather and clear blue skies seems a distant memory. I managed to get my run in, making it four straight three-run weeks. My time was better too. It was my fourth run in my new shoes but only the first with a half-decent time, two minutes faster than Wednesday and over three minutes faster than Monday. I was starting to think I might return the shoes but guess I will keep them a while longer. I have 60 days to return them to Nike for any reason. So if my times remain crap I might ship them back.

Hey, wait I remembered something a bit noteworthy happened since the last diary entry. I got a letter from Donald J Trump telling me he’s such a great president that he is sending me my $1,200 stimulus payment! No sign of the money, of course, and the letter was dated 1 May but didn’t arrive until 5 June, so I expect the money will be in my account by Christmas.

The weather has now turned to a typical June in England, meaning it has been bucketing down all evening and more of the same in the forecast tomorrow.

See, I told you it wouldn’t be of interest to anyone but me.

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