Lockdown Diary – Day 67

I have spent the day alternating between being extremely distressed about what is going on in America right now and being depressed about it. It is hard to comprehend how Donald Trump has brought my country to the brink of civil war. And as for the police in the US, who are now more heavily armed than military units in many countries, I only have this to say: please don’t think that there are good cops and bad cops in all of this, because as long as there are bad cops there can be no good cops. Good cops would not tolerate bad cops. Good cops would not look the other way or stay silent or just say they are only doing their job. Good cops would get rid of the bad cops by arresting them, testifying against them, helping to convict them. Good cops don’t fire rubber bullets at peaceful protesters, don’t bludgeon protesting women or men with batons.

I am just too angry to write any more, and I haven’t even touched on the insanity going on in the UK, or the pandemic that was my reason for starting this diary.

Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck the Republican Party. Fuck white supremacists.

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