Lockdown Diary – Day 66

I was sitting outside with my coffee this morning on another glorious, sunny day. Suddenly a half dozen newly fledged blue tits descended along with their mum. They were all cheeping like mad asking to be fed and mum would go to the feeder and bring back a sesame heart to feed to each one. At one point three of them were lined up in a row on a branch of the viburnum waiting their turn. I went upstairs to tell Alice and to get the camera in hope of getting some photos. But by the time I got back they had moved to the big trees in an adjacent garden and I wasn’t able to get a decent photo. It really made my morning seeing this little blue tits, which I reckon had all fledged just hours earlier. Especially after the experience of our nestbox a few weeks ago.

After Charlie’s success at getting his stimulus payment confirmed I decided to try again, only this time using the link for non-filers and it actually worked! I haven’t got the confirmation that I will actually get it but at least they now have my bank details and can deposit it directly. So fingers crossed!

Thus in a heightened mood I put on my brand new running shoes and set off despite it being one of the warmest days of the spring. The shoes felt so much better than my old, worn out ones, but they didn’t seem to have much effect on my speed. When I hit my 5k goal I decided to keep going and ended up running 6k, the farthest I have ever run. It wasn’t a blistering pace, having taken me nearly 45 minutes. But it was also the longest I have run without stopping since I started this crazy running thing two years ago.

In the afternoon I went to Crawley to collect the groceries from Sainsbury. It took a long time to get down there because instead of going down the A217 I went via Redhill on the A23 and I got stuck behind a very slow moving hearse and a line of cars following it. The weird thing was at several points along the road there were groups of people standing and clapping as the hearse went past. Eventually, it turned off towards the crematorium in Horley. But I can’t help wondering who it was who drew people out to say goodbye like that.

We decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips from Sea Salt, and although a bit of an ordeal picking it up it was good as always. So having gone over two months without a takeaway meal we have had four in 9 days.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that Donald Trump is a psychopath and I can’t wait until he is in prison or dead.

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