Lockdown Diary – Day 64

I had intended to start this entry earlier in the day and I promise tomorrow I will do so. Right now I am so outraged at the incompetent buffoon Boris Johnson and his incapable government that I can hardly see straight to write. Lies, shifting blame for his failings, blaming the media for reporting the truth … it’s as if he is trying to out-Trump Trump. The majority of the country, on all sides of the political spectrum, are entirely fed up. I think the screen grab below pretty much sums up how most people are feeling.

There, glad I got that off my chest. Apart from that, it was an OK day. I procrastinated as usual in the morning but final went for a run. It was pretty warm, in the low 80s, but I did OK. But when I got to the park it was even more busy than it was on Monday, and large groups were gathered, kids from multiple families playing together and little in the way of social distancing in evidence. The government’s actions have made people think the lockdown is over, which might be their real strategy anyway.

Walked in to town in the evening to get a few things from M&S, including a 500ml bottle of hand sanitizer. We had a bottle that was who knows how many years old so it is good to finally have the real deal.

Finally, the US went over 100,000 deaths today. That number will double by the fourth of July thanks to Trump and his covidiot, won’t wear a mask base.

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