Lockdown Diary – Day 63

The days just run into each other, with little to distinguish one from another. Sunny and warm, just a few clouds in the sky. Every day almost the same. Got out on my own for a very good bike ride up Reigate Hill via Beeches Road and Underhill Park Road then along the footpath and back down to the Clears. I only made it because I managed to get the chain on to the smallest sprocket or I never would have got up the hill. I am going to just leave it there until I can get the bike in for a major tuneup. I might go for another tomorrow but taking Charlie’s bike instead.

Meanwhile the Dominic Cummings shenanigans and Donald Trump’s psychotic meltdown continue apace. It’s an ongoing competition to see which country has the worst leadership, and at this point it is too close to call. And people keep dying of Covid-19.

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