Lockdown Diary – Day 61

It’s been an uneventful day. Woke up about 8am after a good sleep and my hip was no longer hurting. Very relieved because I was worried it might be arthritis. Cooked a big breakfast of bacon and eggs and biscuits that we all enjoyed.

Then I set off in search of a bottle of gas for the BBQ. I went to the garden centre in Buckland where we usually get it, queued for about 15 minutes only to be told they had nothing in stock. So I went to another one nearby, Knights, and queued for another 15 minutes and then had to wind my way through the whole place with a trolley with my empty bottle only to find at the cash register that they only had three but couldn’t sell them in case they sold a BBQ. Finally found a small one at the little hardware store in Woodhatch. The guy running it said they were like gold dust and he sold out almost as soon as he got them. So I was lucky to get even the small one.

In the afternoon Alice and I went over to Bletchingley again for another walk. Not as long as last week’s bit still very nice. We walked down a long track to a little house that sits out by itself on a hill with a great view which we have always liked. We hadn’t been this way for years. There was a nice elderly man with a very nice dog who used to libe there but no sign of either. And the house had been completely overgrown with ivy or some kind of creeper. Have never seen anything like it. Can’t be good to have a house get into this condition.

With a fresh supply of gas we BBQ’d pork steaks for supper, then Zoomed with the family. Bob and Sue were in their car driving to Jean’s and then their son Jon’s, dropping off food. It was nice to see them all, as was being able to see out the window when they drove into Ahwatukee. I reckon it’s the only way we are going to see anything of Arizona for the foreseeable future.

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