Lockdown Diary – Day 60

Woke up about 5am with a terrible pain in my hip. Could not find a position that made it feel less painful. Felt like it was right in the joint rather than a muscular problem. Eventually took an ibuprofen and got a few more hours sleep, but it has been hurting all day. I think maybe I overdid it yesterday with a 5k run and a long uphill walk. Hope it is gone tomorrow because I want to run again.

So it’s been a pretty quiet day. Weird weather, very windy and a few rain squalls blowing through but bright sunshine in between. Only managed a few minutes sitting in the garden.

We had my famous lamb kebabs for supper and they were fantastic if I say so myself.

All day the news had been about Dominic Cummings breaking the lockdown rules. The Tories are in deep shit with even the Spectator magazine, where the little scumbag’s wife is employed, calling for his resignation. Yet members of this inept Tory government are all lining up to defend him. They have seriously misjudged the mood of the nation yet again.

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