Lockdown Diary – Day 58

It’s only 3pm and I am getting an earlier start on this diary today. When I leave it until the end of the day it too often becomes a chore and I feel I am writing it just to keep the streak going. Also easier to remember what the fuck you did all day when you do it earlier!

So I am sitting in a shady spot in the garden after a fairly productive day so far. Stayed up to late again last night, just didn’t get sleepy like I usually do. So went to bed about 1am and was awake at 6.30. So a nap might be on the cards. I say that but seldom actually take one.

Decided to do some weeding in the garden before it got too hot. Started about 8 and was done by 10 and was already sweltering. Got it bagged up and took it and all the other garden waste and rubbish that has been sitting here waiting for the local dump to reopen. At least having waited a week there were no queues to speak of. It was very well organised and no problem as far as social distancing. So glad to have it all out of the garden, which is looking pretty good now.

On the way home I went past the Garibaldi pub, which, not being able to open, has cleverly been converted to an off-licence and shop. It is a community-run pub and so I thought I would show some support for it and our local brewery while rewarding myself for my hard work. So I came home with a mini keg! That’s 5 litres of beer that must be consumed within 3 days of opening. Should not be a problem!

Got an email from the Guardian extending my furlough for another month, until the end of June. So that is a big relief as I was starting to wonder whether I should start asking about shifts, fully realising they are still thin on the ground.

If that’s not enough excitement for one day we are getting takeaway from Lebnani tonight! It will be the first time in two months that we eat something we haven’t cooked for ourselves. Exciting times!

Update: The Lebnani takeaway was fantastic! Won’t be waiting two months to we get the next one.

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