Lockdown Diary – Day 57

Woke up at 5.30am and took a while to get back to sleep, so my streak finally came to an end. Got up about 7.30 and enjoyed the solitude with my morning coffee. Spent most of the morning procrastinating, if you can really call it that when you don’t have anything to do anyway. Finally went for a run about 11 when the temperature was already pushing 28 degrees celsius. It was more of a chug than a run, my time was so much slower. I do seem to run faster when it is cold for some reason. But it didn’t seem too bad until I got to the park where there was no shade at all. Then it really seemed hot (for England).

I’ve now put more than 500k on my running shoes so I ordered a new pair the other day. They won’t arrive until the 30th so will have to put up with the old ones for a few more runs. They are totally worn out and I am sure running will be a lot more fun once the new shoes arrive.

The big news was that it was pay day and I checked my balance to see that I had apparently been paid two months’ worth of my furlough money in one go! I wasn’t expecting that. So I am temporarily flush, but at the same time have no idea when I will get another pay cheque.

Spent yet another afternoon in the garden but despite my run in the heat I didn’t feel as listless as I did yesterday. Maybe my hay fever medicine has kicked in.

Went for a short walk around the cemetery. It is a fascinating place and a shame that we have spent so little time exploring it. Most of the gravestones are so old that the writing and dates can no longer be read. But there are some very, very old ones there, and no doubt a lot of interesting stories. There are also some very old, very large trees, like this one, a cedar I think.

I thought today was the day my US passport expires but when I checked it had expired on the 11th. Feels a bit strange not having a valid US passport and not knowing when I will get a new one. Charlie’s expired in February. At least we both have UK passports, thank goodness.

A courier came this morning to collect Alice’s coronavirus self-test. She should get the results in 48 hours. Fingers crossed.

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