Lockdown Diary – Day 54

Today was another one of those low-energy days. Despite getting a good night’s sleep I just felt exhausted most of the day so accomplished very little. Charlie fixed his very tasty corned beef hash for breakfast. We had run out of mini meal worms so I drove over to Pets at Home. Still no wax worms so I got two boxes of the meal worms, which should nearly get them to next weekend when they are likely to fledge. Had to queue for about 10 minutes and afterwards went to BP to check the air pressure in the tyres as they didn’t feel quite right and I had been meaning to check them for a while.

Alice was feeling much better until she got a message from this Covid Symptoms app she has been using saying they wanted to send her a test. I don’t think there is any chance she has it as she hasn’t been near anyone but Charlie and I for two months. I suppose it was because she was putting in her symptoms for whatever it is that has been making her dizzy. It’s a self-test so that should prove interesting. I certainly won’t be sticking a giant q-tip halfway into my head!

She felt well enough to cook a fantastic garlic roast chicken dinner while I snoozed in the garden. I really could not stay awake all afternoon, might be hay fever or maybe I need to start using that app too! Got a good look at the blue tits when the sun was at the right angle to shine in through the hole in the nest box.

Zoomed with the family in the evening, which is always nice. Hope I have more energy tomorrow.

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