Lockdown Diary – Day 53

Slept like a log. Got up about 8am and before I knew it it was nearly 3pm. Alice has spent the day in bed although she does seem to be getting a bit better. Hasn’t been sick anymore and seemed to sleep OK. But she hasn’t eaten much for the last two days.

I faffed around knowing I wanted to get a run in but did my best to delay it. It has been a much nicer day today. A lot warmer when the sun was out but still cool when it went behind the clouds. I eventually went for a run about noon and it was OK. Not to many people to avoid although the park was busy.

Tried again without luck to see about my $1,200 stimulus payment from the Trump Organization. But like thousands of other American expats I can’t get on to the system. Maybe the postman will eventually bring a cheque around.

Charlie and I had a nice supper, burgers, sweet corn and courgettes. Alice didn’t feel up to it, though she was feeling well enough to come downstairs in the evening. Tonight would have been the Eurovision Song Contest, always a big night in our house and across the continent. But as it had been cancelled they put on Eurovision: Europe Shine Light, which we found so depressing we switched off after about 20 minutes.

The skies cleared in the late evening and as the golden hour coincided with wine o’clock, I spent it in the garden with an Australian friend.

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