Lockdown Diary – Day 52

Woke up to find Alice unwell, so dizzy she could not walk to the loo without holding on to things and very nauseous. At 8.30 she called the doctor to see about an appointment but they are only doing things by phone, so she had to wait several hours for a doctor to ring back. They said it might be labrynthitis and prescribed something for the dizziness and something for the nausea, which I went to pick up a few hours later at the chemist. Except they only gave me one of them and said that was all the doctor had sent over. So she has spent the day in bed. Has not eaten anything all day. Very worrying but she seemed to be a bit better by evening and hadn’t been sick again since morning. Fingers crossed.

Was due to pick up the shopping from Sainsbury’s in Crawley at 4pm but at 2 got a message listing the things they had run out of including milk! So after the chemist I had to swing by M&S which fortunately had no queue so was able to get milk there.

Charlie fixed our supper, his sausage casserole, which was delicious as always. That’s about it. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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