Lockdown Diary – Day 51

Another good night’s sleep. Think that’s four in a row now. Had a leisurely morning (like there are any other kind) then went for a run, my second this week so I am on track for my first three-run week in ages. I don’t know why but time passed much faster today. Some days drag and some speed by. Today was somewhere in the middle, Not that I accomplished all that much. We planned out next week’s meals and finalised the online shop. I will pick it up to tomorrow afternoon.

We were out of wax worms so I went back to Pets at Home to get more but they were out. Luckily they had mini mealworms and the blue tits found them to be an acceptable alternative. They don’t go after them like they do the wax worms, but they took them to feed their babies all the same.

I found a blue tit nest box livestream on YouTube that was pretty incredible. These birds have a ménage à trois going on! Two females looking after eggs that were hatching, both trying to sit on the eggs at the same time, with the male bringing them food which they would pass back and forth between them. Last year we watched an interloper try to take over our nest box from the blue tits that were occupying it and it was all-out war getting the unwanted visitor out of the box. So it seems really odd to see two females apparently raising chicks together.

Meanwhile, on the pandemic front, the news is not very good: 148,000 people in England have contracted Covid-19 in the past two weeks. So the loosening of the lockdown looks a bit questionable now. This nightmare is nowhere near over.

We all went out front at 8pm and clapped for the NHS. We have been doing this every Thursday night for six weeks (I think) and it remains a very emotional moment. It’s often the only time we see some of our neighbours.

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