Lockdown Diary – Day 50

Well, 50 days. Another milestone. Slept well again. It seems to go in cycles, sleeping well for a few nights then waking up at 4am for several nights. Even though I slept well I felt tired and had no energy for much of the day. Apparently this is a fairly common thing during this pandemic. Time really drags on these low-energy days, which makes you feel even more tired. This whole situation is a mindfuck of the highest order.

So what I am trying to say is I didn’t accomplish much at all today. Finally made myself go out for a walk around 3pm. This was the first day we are allowed to go out for exercise as often as we like, so of course I barely managed to get out at all. I walked to Priory Park, which was busier than it has been, unsurprisingly. A lot more cars on the main roads, too.

Highlight of the day was watching Keir Starmer tie Boris Johnson in knots at PMQs. It’s so heartening to have a leader of the Opposition who can make the prime minister squirm.

Charlie and I had tacos for supper, which was a real treat. Alice is not a fan of Mexican food so she had leftovers. We have now gone nearly two months without having a meal we didn’t cook ourselves. No fish and chips, not kebabs, no KFC. Nothing. I think this streak might come to an end by the weekend. Our favourite place, Lebnani, is now open again and I think a takeaway is on the cards.

Oh, have I mentioned my hair is getting kind of long? And the barber shops won’t be opening until July. It is finally ponytail long. Though I am not sure I can pull that look off.

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