Lockdown Diary – Day 49

Another good night’s sleep and a much nicer morning. Sunny and the cold wind of yesterday had gone. So I couldn’t avoid the run I had meant to get in yesterday. I went out about 10.30 and the streets seemed very quiet. This will probably be the last day they are like that, since from tomorrow people who can go back to work, go back to work as part of Boris Johnson’s plan to ease the lockdown. Plus from tomorrow everyone will be able to go out as often as they want “to exercise”. So the roads will be full of people walking, families riding bikes and people driving to work. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

Anyway, after my run I got ready for my long-awaited phone call from the US Embassy about claiming my Social Security. The call went OK but it’s a bit more complicated than I had anticipated. We will see how it works out. Also today the chancellor announced that the furlough programme will be extends to October, so hopefully I will still be eligible if there continues to be little or no work at the Guardian.

Charlie was making supper tonight but we were missing a key ingredient so I walked in to town to get it and a few other things. While queueing at M&S I watched in amazement as the guy in front of me who was wearing a mask pulled it down so he could sneeze! I mean I have seem some stupid things but that takes the cake! I tried to explain, from a safe distance, how masks were meant to protect other people and that pulling it down to sneeze rather defeated the purpose. He was too thick to understand. I couldn’t resist taking a candid photo for my collection of Covidiots.

Finally, yesterday I completely forgot to mention the sad news of Jerry Stiller’s passing. Most people know him from his fantastically funny portrayal of Frank Costanza on Seinfeld and for being Ben Stiller’s father. But some of us are old enough to remember the comedy gold that was Stiller and Meara. Serenity now.

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