Lockdown Diary – Day 48

It’s been a busy day, got a lot of things done and time seemed to fly. Maybe keeping myself busy is the key to getting through this thing with my sanity intact. Had a decent night’s sleep and got up about 7.45. The weather has taken a turn for the worse and although it was sunny this morning there was a cold north wind blowing and the recent warm spell is a distant memory. Definitely wasn’t going to be a day for sitting out in the garden, so I worked on my to-do list. Checked for collection slots on the Sainsbury’s app and as if by magic some appeared on Friday so I booked one. That’s always a relief. It also looks like they are starting to let people who aren’t on the vulnerable list book deliveries but no slots were available and I don’t mind going to Crawley to pick them up. Gives me something to look forward to. Looking forward to going to Crawley, how sad is that? Next I had to do something about the hungry blue tit chicks. I put the last of the wax worms in the feeder and mom and dad blue tit wasted no time in shuttling them into the nest box.

It had got down near freezing last night so when I took this picture it was good to see they all seemed alive and well, and you can see they are getting a mohawk of feathers on their heads. Being the soft touch I am I decided I had better go back to Pets at Home to see if they had anymore worms. I went yesterday and they were out. Luckily there was no queue to get in and they had a fresh stock on the shelves so the birds will eat well for the next several days.

The pet shop is next to a car wash so I decided it was a good time to run the dust-covered car through it, especially as there was no waiting and only a short queue at the cashier.

Back home I got out the long-disused strimmer from the shed and attacked the weeds and grass growing up through the bricks in front of the house. I have tried digging them out on my hands and knees and using weed killer but they always come back. So I strimmed the hell out of them. Don’t know why I haven’t done it before. In a few minutes they were all gone. Yes, they will grow back but they will in any case and at least I didn’t have to break my back pulling them up. The one thing I wasn’t about to do today was take two months’ worth of grass clippings and other garden waste and rubbish to the dump, which reopened today for the first time. Apparently cars were lined up for a mile waiting to get in. Crazy!

Alice and I went for a nice walk along the bottom of Reigate Hill. Not too many people were out and about so that made it all the nicer. That’s likely to change now that the idiot prime minister has loosened the lockdown in his cack-handed way. Now people can go out for exercise as often as they want, not just once a day. And people who can’t work from home are meant to go back to work, but only if it is safe and they don’t take public transport. So the nice quiet roads are going to get filled with cars to go along with all the families on bikes and people out walking who have to walk in the street to keep from getting within two metres of other people out walking. Yes, it makes no sense and everybody is pretty fed up with Boris Johnson and the Tories. And don’t even get me started about President Clorox Breath.

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