Lockdown Diary – Day 47

So the lockdown is being eased, or is it? Nobody seems quite sure after Boris Johnson’s speech. At 7pm on a Sunday evening he told everyone to go to work tomorrow “if you can”. Apart from the utter nonsense of giving people who have been told to stay at home for two months just 12 hours’ notice to go back to work, what does he mean by “if you can”? And how are they meant to get to work? Crowding on to public transport?

Then there’s the schools, which will reopen on 1 June for reception, year 1 and year 6. So what are the parents who have been told to go back to work tomorrow supposed to do with their children? They can’t send them to grandparents or child minders. It’s just the latest in a series of clusterfucks by a government totally incapable of communicating clearly a strategy for ending the lockdown. If you can even call it a strategy. Divisive, confusing and vague are the three words that best describe this policy and the Tory government. They aren’t convincing anybody. Nobody’s buying it.

We’re staying home and will do until it’s safe. As long as that takes.

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