Lockdown Diary – Day 46

Woke up at 6am and decided to get up but quickly realised I had made a terrible mistake and went back to bed until 8. Spent the morning doing some yard work and getting Alice’s bicycle out of the shed and ready for a short bike ride. It was a really warm day today but the forecast is for much cooler weather tomorrow so tried to make the most of it.

Went to Crawley to pick up the groceries from Sainsbury’s. It was much quicker and more efficient than last week. There were a few things they had run out of so decided to go past Tesco on the way home. Haven’t been there for two months so was interested to see what the queue was like. Well, it was a mile long at 4pm on a Saturday so just drove home.

Spent the afternoon sitting in the garden when the news about Little Richard’s death came through. Another one gone in what has become the grim reaper’s own personal playlist these past two months.

That was the lowlight. The highlight was coming into the house and hearing Charlie playing his guitar and singing what sounded like a new song up in his room this afternoon.

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