Lockdown Diary – Day 45

Before the pandemic changed everything the 75th anniversary of VE Day was going to be a big event in the UK. But it was just another day here. We observed the 2-minute’s silence at 11am but that was about it. Didn’t watch much of the stuff on television. I can only take so much 1940s music and in any case the whole thing seemed somehow inappropriate, given how many people who were around then and/or who fought in the war are dying of Covid-19 in care homes up and down the country.

Several of the houses in our road hung out union jack bunting and in the evening several neighbours sat out front of their houses with a glass of wine in a sad kind of socially distanced street party. We stayed inside. Don’t even know most of our neighbours these days anyway.

So in the end it was just another day in lockdown. I went for a run in the early afternoon. It was pretty warm but felt good and I didn’t have to dodge too many people in the street. The park was busier, it being a bank holiday, and there was a longish queue waiting to get into Morrisons, our local supermarket. The last two or three times I had passed by there were no queues. We have another online order to pick up tomorrow afternoon in Crawley. I have only been in Morrisons once since this all began and decided I would not go back again. Too hard to stay away from people the way they have set things up inside.

It was really warm once the clouds cleared away and I did the usual thing, sitting in the garden most of the afternoon and trying not to lose my cool as the spoiled little brats who live next door seemed to be having a screaming, crying and shouting marathon.

Oh, forgot to mention the rather stupid thing I did last night after I had written yesterday’s entry. I might have said earlier that I sometimes like a shot of scotch last thing before bed. Well for reasons unknown I took a sip of Glenfiddich (it was a gift, I would never buy the stuff, being an Islay drinker) and held it in my mouth for several minutes. It tingled a bit but didn’t set my mouth on fire. But this morning the roof of my mouth felt like I had drunk a cup of boiling oil. Still hurts 24 hours later. So don’t try it at home, kids.

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