Lockdown Diary – Day 43

Forced myself to go for a run, since it was a nice day. But it took a few hours to convince myself. And when I finally started I felt I was really struggling and almost quit before I had gone 1k. This was my 152nd run on the Nike app and I have never quit without reaching my goal, but I came very close today. But trooper that I am I carried on and finished with a good time for 5k. I seem to have no ability to judge pace as I felt I was trudging along the first 2k but then ended up with the good time. I need to get two more in this week and get back into the habit of running three times a week.

Spent part of the afternoon watching the blue tits going in and out of the nest box feeding the chicks, which are now four days old. They seem to be struggling to find enough food and I watched them repeatedly take in bits of apple from one I had put out for them in the vibernum.

It was another cloudless day with brilliant blue skies, and the golden light in the evening was pure magic.

Meanwhile, it appears our idiot prime minister wants to start easing the lockdown from Monday, despite the fact that there were 6,000 new coronavirus cases today and the death total is now more than 30,000.

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