Lockdown Diary – Day 40

The big four-oh! It seems like only yesterday that I decided to start writing this diary, and here we are in the sixth week of this madness.

Big news in our small world today. I was sat outside with my morning coffee and noticed the pair of blue tits flitting back and forth more than usual. So I put my iPhone up to the hole in the nest box and much to my surprise saw the gaping mouth of a hungry hatchling.

I wasn’t expecting to see this for a few more days but not having a camera in the box makes it hard to keep up with what’s going on inside. Such a shame that we have nothing better to do than sit and watch the nest box camera and they nested in the old box. But it is located right outside the back door and a kitchen window so we should have a ringside seat when they fledge in about three weeks.

We have decided not to supplement their diet with wax worms this year, but I am already worrying about their food supply. I have only seen them bringing in tiny little bugs so far. Fingers crossed!

Spent the day avoiding the news. The weather wasn’t conducive to sitting in the garden but managed to get a walk in to the Clears. Not as many people oit today as on previous walks.

Had a fantastic roast dinner and Zoomed with the family. A good day, all in all.

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