Lockdown Diary – Day 35

Woke up to heavy rain that lasted most of the day. It’s the first rain we have had in nearly two months. It definitely brought a new feel to this whole lockdown thing. Not being able to go out in the garden and not really wanting to get soaking wet going for a walk, let alone a run, made it all too real. I did manage to get out in the afternoon when the rain eased off for a short walk around the cemetery, which I thought would be free of living people but wasn’t. It seems several people had the same idea and as the paths are narrow I had to keep turning around and doubling back to avoid them.

It’s starting to seem like the US and UK are competing to see which country can do a worse job of dealing with the pandemic. Although Boris Johnson returned to “work” on Monday he was nowhere to be seen when it came to the government’s daily coronavirus briefing. Instead he left it to Matt Hancock, the health secretary. Like most Tories, you can tell when he’s lying: his lips are moving.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence refuses to wear a mask while visiting the Mayo Clinic, setting an example for all the MAGA covidiots. Apparently he later explained he didn’t wear a mask because he wanted to be able to look people in the eye.

Here on the home front, my hair is getting a bit long, but I can’t get it cut and I certainly won’t let Alice anywhere near me with a pair of clippers. And anyway, let’s face it, it’s hair a lot of people would kill for!

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