Lockdown Diary – Day 34

All of my non-activity on Sunday must have really worn me out because I slept until 9.30am. Think I went to bed before midnight, so that was one of my better nights lately. Back is still improving but I think it might take another day or two of doing as little as possible. I am dying to get out for a run but still don’t feel like risking it. By the time I feel up to it our great run of good weather will be over.

Sat outside with my morning coffee enjoying the peace and quiet. All the neighbourhood kids are back to home schooling after having the past two weeks off for Easter break. It was so wonderfully quiet!

I spent a few hours looking in to getting my $1,200 stimulus payment and downloading the forms to do my US taxes. Still could not enter my bank account number so will have to hope a check arrives in the mail. Also discovered that Charlie is eligible for it too but we might need to set up a US bank account for him to pay it into.

Our blue tits are still looking after the eggs in the nest box (below). Read a worrying story about some disease killing thousands of blue tits in Germany. So even the birds are having a tough year too.

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