Lockdown Diary – Day 34

Slept much better and woke up thinking my back problems were behind me (geddit?) but not quite the case. It is a bit better but still stiffens up if I sit for too long and hurts if I make a wrong move.

But it was a beautiful morning so I sat out in the garden with my coffee, then made Charlie and I breakfast (eggy bread aka french toast).

I had charged my phone overnight but just minutes after I started using it this morning it was down to 1%. So I charged it again and it instantly lost the charge. I checked and found it was still under warranty from John Lewis, where I bought it in August 2018. So I called them and got tech support, who had me reset all settings (always a scary move) and it briefly appeared to fix the problem. But I was told if it recurred I would have to send it in to be checked/repaired, meaning I would be without a phone for at least a month, maybe longer. How the fuck does that work out as being a two-year warranty? Have had it on charge all evening. We’ll see what happens but I am thinking they had better give me a new phone pronto.

So after that ordeal my back was hurting more so spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the garden. Saw three very large raptors circling way up high overhead. Might have been honey buzzards. Then another big bird with a huge wingspan that I could not identify. Lots of interesting things passing overhead lately now that there are no planes.

Here’s a photo of me in my natural habitat. In an unflattering light.

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