Lockdown Diary – Day 33

Another day spent coping with by my bad back. But as I sit writing this at 10.15pm it seems like it might be getting better. Of course that could just be the painkillers talking. It’s been about as bad as it gets today. If I sit in one position too long it stiffens up and I can’t get up without excruciating pain. You get to the point where you are so in fear of making a movement that triggers this pain that you tense up, which only makes things worse. It sucks.

But this didn’t stop me from getting things done. I walked into town to get a few things that we could not get in our online grocery order. Reigate high street was pretty quiet, but I still had to wait about 10 minutes to get into M&S. Fortunately there were no idiots in the store.

Today was the day when I was meant to be driving Charlie back up to Birmingham, where his summer term would have started on Monday. But instead of taking him to the Sainsbury’s in Selly Oak to stock up on food we both drove down to pick up our online order from another Sainsbury’s, in Crawley. It was the first time Charlie had been in the car since 19 March when we went up to his house to collect most of his belongings. He leads a quiet life.

Spent the remainder of the day sat in the garden. It looks like our long run of fine weather might be coming to an end, with nine days of rain in the forecast from Tuesday. So there’s that to look forward to.

Hospital deaths in the UK went over 20,000 today and over 50,000 in the US. Grim milestones, with many miles yet to travel on this journey.

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