Lockdown Diary – Day 31

So we begin the second month of this nightmare. Feeling quite fed up with it all. You would think that getting the chance to have so much family time together would be a good thing. But it hasn’t really worked out that way. Considering the three of us are in this house together all day, every day the amount of actual interaction we have is laughable.

Charlie gets up around 10, comes down briefly to have some semblance of a breakfast then goes back up to his room and either does uni work or plays computer games, mostly the latter. The he comes down around 2-3pm seeking lunch, then back to his room until suppertime. Then back to his room for a few hours only coming down just about the time we are going to bed. Alice spends most of her time sitting on the sofa in the dining room looking at her iPad. Now she’s started back to work so she’ll be up in the back bedroom/office four days a week. I move from here to there, the sitting room, sitting alone in garden (despite setting up chairs for all three of us every day), looking out the kitchen window. I suppose things have always been this way, it’s just that the current situation has brought our dysfunctionality into sharp focus. I don’t like it.

Maybe I am feeling extra grumpy because my back has got worse. I did something while I slept to tweak it even more and today has been spent trying not to make any movement that will take the pain up several notches. Just reaching my arm out a certain way can do it. Because of this I didn’t go for a walk or get any exercise at all today.

Things can only get better. But we know that’s not really true, don’t we?

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