Lockdown Diary – Day 30

Wow! I have been doing this diary for a month. Do I win a prize? No? Never mind, I’m going to keep doing it anyway.

It took a month but I finally did the inevitable today. I hooked up our long-dormant Wii and spent a few hours playing games on my own: mostly the old, easy ones on the Wii Sports disc and a little bit of NBA Jam. And I still suck as much as I did when Charlie would humiliate me repeatedly a decade ago. It was fun and I will probably do it again tomorrow. Terrific escapism.

Went for a walk on my own in the afternoon up around Gatton Road. It was another nice, sunny day with that clear blue sky that has been a permanent feature of this lockdown. Warm enough to go out in a t-shirt. Not bad for April.

Then this evening I finally did a #TimsTwitterListeningParty because @TimBurgess was spinning one of my very favourite records: Bring it On by @gomeztheband and it was great fun listening with loads of other fans and reading tweets by @OtwellBen, @MrTomGray and @iballmd. Such a great idea and it’s really helping a lot of people get through this thing. I took Charlie to see the Mez at the Forum in Kentish Town two years ago in May (that’s us at the gig).

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