Lockdown Diary – Day 25

Today was a pretty good day. We finally got some rain and it was very chilly, so the kind of weather you come to expect in England in April. And it had the added benefit of keeping people inside where they belong. It kept me inside for the most part. I only ventured out twice for supplies, first to the local butcher shop to get some things to grill this weekend. Then I got in the car for the first time in a week to drive down to Crawley to collect our grocery shopping order from Sainsbury’s. It is all so easy and efficient that I am certain we will continue to shop this way when life returns to normal (relatively speaking).

When I walked up to the butcher I had to queue for about 15-20 minutes and the whole time there was a big Mercedes parked right outside the shop with its engine running for the whole time. A woman with a face like a slapped arse finally emerged from the shop and got in the car with her husband, who had spent the whole time looking at his phone. Needless to say I let them know how I felt about bing forced to breath in their fumes. My middle finger was also involved.

Got back from Crawley about 3.30pm and had a Whatsapp message from my old college roomie Dave and we proceeded to spend the next two hours reminiscing about the old days in Tempe. I think we were both surprised at how much we could actually remember from so long ago. Really pulling stuff out of our deepest, long dormant brain cells. I hope we will stay in touch.

As for the pandemic, a grim surge in the death total in the States, which I am sure Trump will consider a towering achievement on his part. It seems fomenting unrest is his only strategy. We can only hope his day of reckoning will come very soon.

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