Lockdown Diary – Day 24

Probably the worst day yet. Didn’t sleep well at all last night and felt totally wiped out all day. Had meant to go for a run but that was never going to happen. Ended up taking a longish nap in the afternoon and finally managed to get out of the house for a short walk at 6pm.

Now the lockdown has been extended for another three weeks in the UK, and could still be in effect into June. It’s a pain but I am glad that the government finally seems prepared to do the right thing and not cave in to the populist nutcases who want to end it now.

Another 861 hospital deaths in the UK and 13,729 in total. Nobody knows how many have died at home or in care homes. And new cases and deaths are still surging in the US despite the orange idiot’s claim that they had reached a peak. Truth is this pandemic is only getting started.

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