Lockdown Diary – Day 23

We have had one cloudy day when it rained just a few drops since this lockdown started. The skies are blue and cloudless day after day after day. For this I am grateful, it makes the situation bearable. I hate to think what everyone’s mental state would be like if we had day after day of rain, as can certainly be the case in April in Britain. It does seem strange, though. Are the greatly reduced number of planes in the skies and cars on the roads already having such a positive effect on the climate?

Struggling to think of anything else to write about. Don’t want to mention the idiot in the White House or his idiot supporters who are protesting the lockdown in Michigan by creating gridlock in several cities. Maybe they should just be buried in their cars. Suddenly, thanks to the American idiot, there is lots of talk of ending the lockdown outside the US too. Maybe those who think it’s time to end the lockdown should read this very disturbing piece in the Guardian.

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