Lockdown Diary – Day 22

A better day today. Had a pretty decent sleep last night for a change. Didn’t wake up in the middle of the night. Finally made myself go for a run and was glad I did. I set PBs for fastest 1k and mile. And my time for 5k was a full four minutes faster than my run last Friday, which was admittedly one of the slowest I’ve done. It didn’t seem like I was running faster so maybe my Nike Run app was just messing with my head. But since it’s failed me a few times I am taking this one as legit.

Managed to avoid the news all day just by keeping busy. I braved a trip to M&S to get milk and a few treats (pizzas and a curry for later in the week). There was no queue to get in and it wasn’t busy for the most part. But there always seems to be a few people who stand looking at something for ages while blocking the aisle, or picking things up and looking at them then putting them back. Alice insisted I take a mask, which I did but didn’t wear it (don’t tell her).

Charlie cooked dinner for us, a pasta bake with mince and mushrooms, and it was very nice. Caught up on the Scandi series Twin we’re watching and another excellent Better Call Saul.

So that’s was about it. Notice how I haven’t mentioned the C word or the D word? I think that’s the way forward. Ignorance really is bliss.

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