Lockdown Diary – Day 21

Three weeks already? Seems like three months. Nothing much of note to report today. Our April heatwave broke and it’s been a cool and very windy day. The wind actually woke me up this morning, but these days that’s not hard to do.

Highlight of the day was getting another slot for a click and collect at Sainsbury’s. It seems to be the main focal point of life now. As soon as you manage to get the week’s grocery shopping done you start checking for the next available slot to do it again. So after spending the past few days checking the app every few hours only to find nothing available for the next week and beyond, open slots suddenly appeared this afternoon for Friday. So we did a shop just to reserve the slot, which we can add to up until late Thursday night. God, this is a dull entry!

Went for a walk in the park with Alice. Heard a lot of sirens racing around all day, and police cars racing past us on our walk. Also intrigued by this white van with blackout windows that has been parked in a loading zone in Reigate high street for at least a week. It looks like the kind of thing a couple of detectives would use to surveil crack dealers. But when I walked past I saw an infant’s car seat in the passenger seat. Hmm, maybe they put it there to throw us off the scent.

Meanwhile, we are up to 11,329 deaths in the UK and in all likelihood we will be in lockdown for at least another month.

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