Lockdown Diary – Day 19

It’s pretty much been a do-nothing day. Spent a lot of time sitting in the garden and went for a walk with Alice up to Wray Common and down Gatton Road. It was even warmer today than yesterday and suddenly the leaves are starting to come out on the trees, and the flowers are start to form on the viburnum. It’s always so nice when it blooms.

Slept pretty well last night but was still awake before 6am and up before 7. Just can’t seem to sleep in these days, which is frustrating because I could sleep all day and it wouldn’t make any difference to my day. Life is like that line from the Beatles song You Never Give Me Your Money: “Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go.” Except in a bad way.

Had another Zoom call with the family, which was really good. I hope we keep doing them when this is finally over.

Another 900+ deaths in the UK yesterday and the total is approaching 10,000. And 2,000 in a single day the US. But at least Trump’s ratings are still high.

Charlie’s now been home for a month. It seems like a year since he came home for the weekend on Friday the 13th and I took the photo below on our way home on the Thameslink. What a different world we live in now.

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