Lockdown Diary – Day 17

So the plan to get this written earlier in the day has not been a huge success, but at least I have managed to stay awake past 11pm.

Woke up too early as usual and in a better mood, not as usual. Decided to stick with the strategy of keeping busy so decided I’d try to make some bread. It’s all the rage among the lockdown crowd. The other day I found a small tin of dried active yeast in the cupboard, left over from when “Other Charlie” was here last year and made cinnamon rolls for us all. Unfortunately, I think the yeast had long since lost the will to live so my hope of producing a couple of nice loaves of white bread ended up looking like ciabattas that were the weight of a tyre iron. But they tasted nice. I’d like to try again with fresh yeast but the stuff is like gold dust.

Went for a walk mostly around Priory Park. I wanted to go for a run but had been put off by a story I saw about researchers saying runners left a trail of breath 20 metres behind them. This later turned out to be bogus research. So maybe a run tomorrow.

Spent the evening watching another White Sox replay and a Radiohead concert from Dublin during the Kid A tour in 2000. It was OK but not great. I much prefer Arras 2017 (below). Would give anything to travel back in time to that summer evening in France.

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