Lockdown Diary – Day 16

I really need to get in the habit of writing these entries earlier in the day. It is getting to be a struggle doing them just before I go to bed because I am generally exhausted and sometimes have to force myself to do it. How can doing so little be so exhausting?

I woke up to the news that John Prine had died from Covid-19. It’s getting so you almost don’t want to wake up because you know there will just be more bad news. So it was another grim morning and it took me a while to get motivated to do anything at all. Finally decided to do some cleaning around the house and that helped snap me out of it a bit. Keeping to some kind of daily routine is going to be increasingly important if I want to stay sane.

Had an exchange of messages with my friend Cliff, which allowed us both to vent about that madman in the White House. And then had a surprise email from my college dorm roommate, Dave. Out of the blue. He somehow found this diary. Don’t think I had heard from him for at least 10-15 years. So even in this nightmare their are small moments of wonder. Hi Dave! Want to join my fantasy baseball league?

It was another unseasonably warm day. Spent the afternoon sitting in the garden, enjoying the quiet, at least until the kids a few doors down resumed their habit of kicking their football against the fence repeatedly. Apart from that, and taking the bins out (now often the highlight of the week) I did not leave the house.

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