Lockdown Diary – Day 13

Another beautiful spring day, temperatures in the 70s. Spent some time sitting in the garden under pristine blue skies. No airplanes passing overhead, no sound of traffic. It would be heaven under other circumstances.

Watching the replay of the White Sox 2019 home opener as I write this. It made me think how just five or so years ago Charlie and I would be getting started with another season playing baseball down at Horsham Junior Baseball Club. I really feel sorry for all the kids who aren’t able to go out and play baseball, or play anything really. I can’t imagine what it must be like having young children locked down and unable to burn off their boundless energy.

Now Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital for “tests”. Except their are no tests. Rumours abound that he’s really in worse shape than they have let on. I hope he pulls through because surely it will change his perspective and so his policies.

I’ve never been a big fan of the monarchy, but I found the address the Queen gave to the nation today very moving. These are extraordinary times.

The past few days it seemed that time was passing very quickly. But today things seemed to slow down considerably.

Tomorrow is another day.

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