Lockdown Diary – Day 11

I want to start out by saying this WordPress iPad app I am using to publish these posts is am absolute piece of crap. I hit publish, it says it publishes, but it doesn’t really publish. So the next day I discover tha previous day’s entry has never published. It just happened again for like the third time. WordPress, you suck!

Not a bad day today otherwise. Went to the chemist to pick up prescriptions for Alice and myself, had to queue for about 20 minutes. Then in the afternoon walked in to town and as there was no queue at M&S I braved going in and got a few more things, milk being the main essential.

Then this evening we had a virtual family reunion on Zoom, with Alice, Charlie and I each on our iPads getting to see and talk to Bob & Sue, Jean and Mike & Jeanne. It was really nice and the first time I think we have all been in the same room, virtual or otherwise, for at least five years, maybe more. I think we’re going to make it a regular weekly event.

Saw a news story that said the US and UK are now on the sharpest trajectory in terms of coronavirus cases and deaths. This fucking hellride has only just begun.

Time for the bedtime shot of Laphroaig and lights out.

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