Lockdown Diary – Day 10

Well it has been a pretty shit day that turned from bad to worse just after I posted yesterday’s entry. I made the classic mistake of checking Twitter one last time before I put the lights out and learned that Adam Schlesinger, who was in Fountains of Wayne, one of my favourite bands, had died from Covid-19. It was like being punched in the stomach. I wrote about meeting him once, almost, over on Facebook. He was a great songwriter along with Chris Collingwood.

So I didn’t sleep that well and then of course today I learned that Ed Farmer, former White Sox pitcher and their radio play-by-play man for 30 years, had also died. I knew he had not been well and hadn’t been on many of the Sox spring training broadcasts, but it was still another body blow. Owing to the time difference I spent a lot of nights in bed with my earphones in listening to Farmio and DJ on the radio. I have really been missing baseball and recently discovered all of last season’s White Sox radio broadcasts were archived on TuneIn Radio, and had been listening to a few this past week. It might be a while before I can listen to another one. Ed Farmer was a great announcer who knew the game inside out and had a dry sense of humour. He was Chicago through and through. The city has lost a favourite son.

The worst part is I think we’re all going to have to get used to losing people who mean a lot to us in the days ahead.

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