Lockdown Diary – Day 9

I think when we look back on this event today will be seen as the day the novelty of being under lockdown finally wore off and shit got real. Deaths in Britain were up by 31% on the previous day, and now total 2,352. The government seems to be totally without a plan. They will almost certainly rise by perhaps another thousand tomorrow. And back home (I still think of America as home) things are about to get far worse than most people could even have begun to imagine just a few weeks ago. It’s hard not to think that both countries are being led to their doom by morons.

Thankfully we all remain well. Charlie applied for his student loan and maintenance grant for next year. Fingers crossed that this is all over and we are starting to get back to normal by the time his fall term starts in September. He’s planning for the future and still studying hard. He’s an inspiration to us all.

We went for a walk today and passed through the cemetery at Reigate parish church, where there are almost certainly people buried who died in the 1918 pandemic. As I said at the start of this entry, the novelty of this situation has definitely worn thin.

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